Susan Usha Dermond
Susan Usha Dermond Bio
Susan (Usha) Dermond is an educator, speaker and writer. She is the founder of the Portland, Oregon, Living Wisdom School, a non-profit, holistic school for children. Currently she is the co-director of the Education for Life Foundation and head of the Education Dept. at Ananda College of Living Wisdom.

She also teaches courses online for parents and teachers.   Before moving to Portland, she taught for 12 years in Nevada City, California, at the first Living Wisdom School, founded in 1972. Susan’s first teaching jobs included working with special needs children and pregnant teens as well as teaching high school English. She has Master’s degrees in both education and library science. Susan draws on her many years of teaching for the stories and anecdotes that give her talks and writing authenticity. Her experiences as a step-mother of two also give her insight and compassion for parents. email: susanusha[at]
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